Other Services

Special Orders

Since I operate out of my home, I have extremely minimal overhead. If you know what you are looking for, I would be happy to give you a quote on it. If you already have a price, even a sale price, give me the opportunity to save you even more money. I will order more than just firearms; I will order optics, supplies, parts, reloading components, etc.

Scope Mounting

If a scope is not properly installed, obtaining a zero can be very difficult and become frustrating, not to mention wasting your time or ammunition. In addition, improperly treated bases can lead to rust forming between the bases and the receiver of the weapon. I will properly mount your scope at no cost. There is no purchase necessary.

Sight-in Firearms

If your time is valuable and in short supply, or you find yourself struggling to get tight groups, or a consistant point of impact, I can help. I will gladly be the one to shoot your firearm and establish the correct zero point (point of aim matching point of impact). Keep in mind, there are many factors that go into an exact zero, and depending on the situation you may need to verify it for yourself.


If you are looking to sell your firearm or simply want to know what it's worth, you can bring it in and I will review the bluebook value with you so you know what the value of your firearm is. Keep in mind, I do not buy or sell used guns, so I have no reason NOT to give you an honest answer. This service is free to customers, with no purchase neccessary.