FFL Transfers $25/firearm (with an additional $10 state background check fee for handguns)

Job Cost Description
Basic Cleaning$20Clean barrel and receiver with little to no disassembly.
New Firearms$20I understand not wanting to wait to try a new firearm, but having it cleaned before use will yield better results when you fire it for the first time.
Full Cleaning$40If any part(s) need replacing, there is no additional labor cost for installing the new part(s), provided it is done so at the time of inspection and does not require fitting.
Barrel Polish$20Done in conjunction with either basic or full cleaning (no benefit on new firearms).
Stock Refinish$75Strip old stain and sealer. Sand, Stain, Seal.
$25Forend refinish (if seperate from butt stock)
Sight-in$20Covers my time and expenses to do the first sight-in; $10 for each additional zero. Ammunition is an extra charge if you do not provide your own.
AR Assembly$50For a complete weapon system. $25 each for upper or lower receivers.
Labor$30/hrAny repair or parts replacement outside of listed services. A quote for service(s) requested will be given when the firearm is brought in. This price does not cover the cost of parts or shipping.
Test Fire$20If a test fire is not included with your requested service(s) or to quality check manufactured ammunition at your request.
Re-cleaning$5If you request a test fire and wish your firearm to be cleaned afterwards.
DuraCoatPrice will vary depending on color, pattern, and type of firearm to be coated.

*Active Duty or Retired Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighter, or EMS, enjoy a 10% discount on labor.

* I accept Visa and MasterCard (add 3% processing fee)

* All prices subject to sales tax

All customers enjoy a multi-service discount, whether multiple firearms, or multiple services to one firearm.