Please ensure all firearms to be serviced are unloaded and in a case prior to arrival.

Cleaning and Inspecting

Every firearm functions best when it is clean, from accurate shooting, to flawless cycling. Residue build-up on parts can also conceal damage to those parts. In some cases the damage can be to critical components and a failure could result. Rust is another very common occurrence on firearms that, if untreated, can cause critical failures. If you discover rust when it is just starting to form, it can be removed before any damage to the metal takes place. If the metal is already pitted from rust, the rust can still be removed and further damage prevented.

Basic cleaning: I will field strip the firearm and clean the barrel, receiver, and any other easily accessed parts that do not require further disassembly.

Full cleaning: I will completely disassemble the firearm and clean and inspect every part for wear or damage. I will ensure the firearm is properly lubricated and reassembled.

Oddly enough, new guns right out of the box need to be cleaned. The factories put a rust preventative coating throughout the firearm to prevent issues regardless of storage conditions prior to sale. That compound is not a lubricant for the operation of the firearm. If it is not cleaned off prior to use, it will begin to "cook on" or harden against the parts causing friction instead of smooth operation. Several firearms I have dealt with that had functioning issues were restored by removing the hardened compound and properly lubricating the firearm. Removing this compound prior to use will help prevent problems in the future, as well as immediately help smooth the complete operation of the firearm. Don't wait for your firearm to break. A little preventative maintenance can save a costly repair.

New Cleaning: I will completely disassemble the firearm, remove the factory coatings, and reassemble the firearm with proper lubrication.

Cleaning 1 Cleaning 2

Barrel Polish

Sometimes accuracy just isn't what you once had in your firearm. Barrel Polishing can virtually remove all lead and copper build up inside the barrel which is what prevents the bullet from fully engaging the lands and grooves for optimum accuracy.


If your firearm doesn't work as well as it once did, it might be time to have it looked at. If you can catch and repair a damaged or worn part right away, you can prevent additional damage to other parts of the firearm and keep your firearm in good operating condition.

Stock Refinishing

Whether damaged, worn, or you just want a new look, refinishing a stock takes time and attention to detail. If the finish wears down to reveal bare wood or the stock cracks, moisture can get into the wood. Once moisture gets in, it can cause mold and rotting to the stock. Even if the stock doesn't need a complete make-over, ensuring there is complete coverage of a sealant is vital to preserving the quality of the stock for years to come.

Stock Refinishing 1 Stock Refinishing 2 Stock Refinishing 4 Stock Refinishing 3 Stock Refinishing 5 Stock Refinishing 6 Stock Refinishing 7

Installing Custom Parts

Even though a new or used firearm works properly, it may not work as well as you want it to. Replacing specific parts in a firearm has many possible outcomes such as reducing recoil, enhancing accuracy, smooth or lighten the trigger pull, or just make the firearm more comfortable to hold and shoot. While some options are more costly, there are some relatively cheap and easy options to increase your satisfaction with your firearm.

Custom Parts 1 Custom Parts 2 Custom Parts 3

AR Assembly

Building an AR from specific parts can save you time and money versus buying a fully assembled AR and then retro-fitting it with preffered parts. I will gladly order and assemble whatever parts you want to complete the AR you have been looking for.

Trigger Work

Whether you lighten the factory setting, install after market replacement parts, or just polish the sear engagements, changing your trigger pull can help increase accuracy by decreasing the amount of pressure you apply to the trigger. This reduces the amount of force you apply the rest of the firearm, thereby reducing how much movement your firearm makes between starting to squeeze the trigger and final sear release.

Trigger Work 1 Trigger Work 2

Cold Bluing

Cold bluing can cover blemishes on any blued steel part of a firearm. If rust or use has worn away the bluing, this process can remove rust and reapply a protective layer of bluing.

Cold Bluing 1 Cold Bluing 2 Cold Bluing 3 Cold Bluing 4


Duracoat is a permanent finish that can provide a life long, personalized appeal to any firearm. "A firearm coated with DuraCoat simply will not rust...EVER!" ( With dozens of colors and patterns available, you have virtually unlimited options for customizing your firearm to be as unique and individualized as you desire. As a certified finisher I guarantee you will be satisfied with the results. Color samples are available on site so we can thoroughly discuss and plan what your completed firearm will look like. If color customization is not what you are looking for, DuraCoat offers clear coat options that still provide the rust protection necessary to preserve your firearm for generations to come.

Please ensure all firearms to be serviced are unloaded and in a case prior to arrival.