Custom Hand Loads

* Centerfire cartridges only

Practice Ammunition

Practice ammunition offers a shooter savings because it is produced with low cost components. Compared to Custom Loads, these rounds are built using a generic style of loading and mimic "cheap" factory ammunition typically used for practicing fundamentals or just plinking. If this describes your ammunition needs, Practice Ammunition is the way to go. SAVE YOUR BRASS!

Custom Loads

This is a much more precise art than Practice Ammunition. To begin the process, test loads are developed and fired out of your specific firearm to determine the most accurate cartridge component combination for your firearm. Once the accuracy expectation has been met or exceeded, each cartridge is verified to be built to the exact specifications of the cartridges selected from the test load process. This ensures identical results every time the trigger is pulled. This process yields similar or better results than using high-end factory ammunition, but the price for components is significantly less than factory built ammunition. Depending on the type of ammunition you currently use, Custom Loads may cost the same or more, but can offer a substantial improvement in accuracty without paying the full price of high end factory built ammunition. SAVE YOUR BRASS!


If you do not have the brass or not enough brass to complete an order, empty brass is available for purchase. Once fired brass is often an option, but new brass is always available at a higher price. Once you purchase the brass, it is yours to keep.