My passion for firearms started at age 8 when I shot a rifle for the first time. When I was 17, I fully disassembled my Ruger 10/22 so I could clean all the hard to reach places. I noticed a significant improvement in the operation of the 10/22, so I did the same thing to my Winchester 1200; again resulting in inproved operation. Since then, I have completely disassembled and serviced several different types of firearms. While I continue to ensure the firearms I work on will operate at their most efficient level, I surpassed those basic skills to where I am able to modify firearms to improve function and reliabilty, not just clean and reassemble them.

Also at age 17, my neighbor showed me how he reloaded his own shotgun shells. Despite the work involved, the savings was substantial, so I set up my own press for shotgun shells. Once I had a firm grasp on that process, I partnered up with an experienced cousin and began loading centerfire pistol and rifle cartridges. After loading hundreds of rounds under his supervision, I purchased my own loading equipment in 2006 and have since loaded several thousand rounds of ammunition. I have never experienced a malfunction with any of the rounds I have built, and I rely on my reloading for all my shooting needs.

Accuracy has always been an important factor to me. I earned my NRA Sharpshooter badge in 1997. However, it wasn't until my first prairie dog hunt in 2006 that I was introduced to factors that affect accuracy. Not only is the target small, but the distance from me to the target gradually increased. This made me realize I needed to build rounds capable of delivering 500+ yard accuracy against a target approximately three inches wide; leaving me with 5-shot sub-1/2 MOA (approximately 1/2" at 100 yards) groups. I have since created multiple groups for various firearms and calibers that are sub 1/2 MOA, and I don't settle for any round that creates a group over 1 MOA (approximately 1 inch at 100 yards).

  • Security Officer at the Kewaunee Power Station since 2006
  • 2007 - Became an Armorer at KPS
  • 2008 - Received Gunsmithing Certification from Ashworth College
  • 2014 - DuraCoat certified finisher

I have offered my gunsmithing and reloading services to friends and family for over 10 years and have had nothing but success. Between the accuracy, savings, and my commitment to excellence, I am confident you will be just as satisfied as they are.